I have a preexisting trim wheel consisting of a 10 turn pot belted to a nema14 stepper motor driven by an Arduino Nano and a stepper driver.

It doesn't seem that this combination is supported in the configurator or via the stepper image out of the box, as an encoder and electric motor is preferred. I was able to work around this by configuring the analog trim input for the pot, but have resorted to using the the electric trim output signals to drive the nano device with custom code.

This works really well for actual electric trim signals, however the stepper engages sporadically when I manually turn the trim wheel (not AP), and assume these are being triggered by any trim movement.  Can you confirm this?  Is there a different output signal I can use?

I also evaluated using conditionals, but could not find one to suit my requirements (ie: only send Elect_Trim_Up/Down if Elec_Trim input or AP is active)

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