I'm trying to understand the conditions.

I have a toggle Switch (RMI_L_Switch) with one pin used. So On or off.

When On I would like it to also light an LED and when off it will Light up a different LED.

I can't seem to understand the conditions tab. Does anyone have a guide to the conditions and how to use them?

Many thanks
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Forget about "conditions".

If it still about RMI, please take a look at the layout map again.

Click on the "RMI_L_ADF"  and assign the LED as you need.

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Also, note:
When you simply need to indicate the switch position and your switch doesn't have a second group of terminals, you can use the directly, without need to  use additional  output configuration.

As it is described on this page (not finished): https://simvim.com/tips_sw_led.html

Hi Vlad, 

Yes its still on the RMI subject. 

This window pops up and I can't find any information about it in the website. Screenshot

Is there any information about how the conditions work you can point me towards that I can read up on?

Many thanks

I have changed this output to simple LED in the layout, try it .
Thanks Vlad for the LED tips, very helpfull.