Hi there, I am considering getting an Arduino Uno as a slave board to run my servos. I have servos and their voltages ranges 3.6-6V. I have a 9V wall power supply but I’m afraid if I pulled out of the VIN pin on the Arduino I would fry the servo because it’s 3.6-6V, yet if I pulled from the 5V it wouldn’t be enough. So which should I use? Thanks!
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1. You can not use the Vin as output power  for servo (first it is input, second - too high voltage for servo).
2. You can not use the 5v from the board too, especially if you have several  servos and 9v connected to the power jack (overheat issue).
3. You can use 5V output if you have 5 v supply connected to the USB socket and this supply has enough power for all servos.

Please read this page - all about power - https://simvim.com/tips_power.html
And how to power the servos, the second diagram on this page: https://simvim.com/svc_servo.html



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So I still don’t understand where I would connect the power from the servo, does it go to the 5v with the red dot on it like it shows in the diagram, or is it connected to a wall power supply. Will I have to take an old AT PSU and strip it of its wires and then connect grounds to the other boards and the power wire goes to the servo?