Using 'SOP / SSOP to DIP Adapter board', MAX7219 chipset and THIS scheme, I connected 14 LEDs in my project. I used a 20k resistor between 18 and 19 pin, and a 1k pull-down resistor. In the configurator I used the "Add LED Matrix, Max7219" function.


   The LEDs can be switched on, but only one at a time. After switching on more than one at the same time, the LEDs turn off immediately. To restart it I need to use the "Hardware reconnect" function. What did I do wrong?

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Before making your scheme, have you tried this assembled matrix module?: https://simvim.com/svc_mxout.html
It's very comfortable to test and then to use with separate LEDs.

Also, you can connect the 7-segment MAX7219 module, but configure it as LED matrix in the configurator (for testing purpose, you can see each of 64 segments as single LED).

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No. I used pure chipset, because I had.
If you have a MAX7219 7-segment display module, try connecting it instead of the matrix module to make sure if it works as matrix LEDs, as mentioned in the previous answer above.