I identified SimVim to crash X-Plane* - what can I do?

*) after major rearrangement of the office monitors/USB plugs-ins, X-Plane would hang (=show rolling bar then useless message box to send info to Msft) just as the plane cockpit was started drawing (removal of SimVim plugin from plugins folder made it work again). Every time.
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See this FAQ.

It's likely a conflict with one of the USB devices.

- Roman

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At first the failure seemed to be due to connecting Arduino via Saitek Yoke's USB hub. Once I plugged Arduino back to the same front USB port it showed as "Working properly" in Windows' Device Manager.


I unzipped SimVim again, and able to start SimVim but it would not see my Arduino. I went to Firmware Upload procedure which did find the Arduino on COM4 (yay!) and did seem to upload Firmware (red leds blinking etc...) but hang at the very end :-(

Restart of X-Plane/SimVim with Arduino plugged-in leads to single red Rx LED blink and X-Plane hanging.

Restart of X-Plane/SimVim with Arduino unplugged leads to X-Plane hanging.

Edit: Blink from Arduino IDE/AvrISP mk II works fine (Mega 2560 on COM4)

Update: The problem was solved by physically removing USB Bluetooth Dongle (which makes disappear "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link" Ports from Device Manager). SimVim+Arduino would still work if the Bluetooth dongle is re-plugged but would crash at any "Hardware Reconnect".