...... (IDG1 & IDG2) only operate in one direction

There are two commands (on/off) for each switch, for example IDG switch1
laminar/B738/one_way_switch/drive_disconnect1 - the switch only commands this function for me.
laminar/B738/one_way_switch/drive_disconnect1_off - this does not function.

I am using SPST on/off toggle switches for these and have checked the wiring and config as best i can but cannot get the switches to function correctly.

Any suggestions please or is this an error in the Configurator?

Thanks for the great work!


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Yes, this switch works "like in real plane"  (one-way).
Supposed  "IDG cannot be reconnected in the air"

If needed I will change it for two ways (in next update).

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Thanks for the quick response.

It's not a big problem as it would never be used in the air but sometimes, if the sim is out of sync with my hardware when setting up on the ground, I have to use the mouse to re-align.

Change to a 2 way would be helpful but no need to prioritise.


I suspect, that these switches (and lamps)  are just "dummy"  in Zibo (as a lot of other useless switches)
Th only function that custom datarefs do is the switch animation.

I don't think you need to spend inputs ans wiring them.

Ah OK, thanks Vlad. It is one of the checklist items on the interactive checklist (xchecklist) that I use. I guess I'll just edit it out then and disable the switches.

Thanks & regards