Hi Vlad,

A long time ago I asked you about using the analogue input for the VOR OBS as I had found a way to convert a real CDI using its inbuilt potentiometer (selsyn I think) to prove a 10K variable resistance I could use to derive an analogue signal.  You kindly advised that this could be done and I have had success with it by changing the line in the Data.cfg file to point to the Analogue input exactly as you suggested.  2 small issues though, the single rotation of the 10K pot in the instrument, results in a full rotation plus about 150 degrees more on screen.  Altering the p=360 number you suggested and also calibrating the analogue axis solves most of that, but I now find that the real gauge and the on screen gauge are not totally accurate across the range and in places can be up to 10 deg or more out. They are also a bit jumpy.  I know the pot may be noisy and not totally linear and accurate across its whole range. I know I am going a bit off the usual procedure with this but is it possible to calibrate the analogue axis at more than the start and end points much as we do with a gauge?  That way I could calibrate at say 45 deg intervals and get the best accuracy I can.  A long shot I know as I used the analogue rather than the encoder.  My other option is to abandon the analogue potentiometer, retrofit a TM1637 4 digit display in or close to the gauge to give me an accurate Radial and control it in the usual way with an encoder.  The PWM controlled needles and flags on the real gauge work perfectly and sync with the on screen display too.  I could in effect create a "hybrid" gauge.

As always, your thoughts and help is invaluable and appreciated.

best wishes

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