Hi Vlad,

I am using a real transponder remote unit and it has Coded Switches for the freq.
I have all the coded switches working, the Rply light and the Ident Button.

But the Mode Switch is a bit unusual.

It has OFF, SBY, ON, ALT

When in off there is no grounded signal from the off position.

In SBY it grounds SBY pin
In ON it Grounds SBY and ON Pin
in ALT it Grounds SBY, ON and ALT pins

Its a rotary switch and I has spare tabs but very hard to get to.

I tried using the KT-70 mode switch as it gives the option to be Coded but I didn't have much luck. I did a lot of pin swapping to see.

Is there a way this switch can be brought into SIMVIM or do I need to try another approach for this kind of switch? What I know I can do is make the switch a normal switch for SBY, ON and ALT, But not for Off as I can't make the OFF position go to ground.

Many thanks,

Jun 9, 2020 in Input Controls by

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No you can't just use this coded rotary switch as is, unless we would make an additional custom SimVim function specially for this switch, as it was done for the real A510 starter key...


Jun 10, 2020 by
Ok Understood.

Would there be a condition I could make.

if SBY,ON,ALT are off send the OFF trigger?

Why don't use some generic rotary switch (there are lot of them on market)?

Also, you can use  the binary-coded rotary switch, like these ones - https://aliexpress.com/item/32756923482.html

You said "I have all the coded switches working" - what are those, they are in your real transponder?


Hi Vlad,

The other Coded switches are 1 GND 3 Control and all work no problem.

I have looked for a replacement rotary switch but cannot find a suitable one.

The unit has a mechanical module, then the switch.

I'm looking at using a transistor or small relay to handle the OFF function