For trim input, I'm curious why you aren't allowing the use of pots (rotary or linear could work)? It was included in ArdSimX and I have a trim system built that I want to convert to SimVim. Regardless, pots give a more consistent distance based reading, such as 3 turns up or down each time. The encoders seem to vary based speed of rotation (faster can skip and requires sometimes 1.5-2x the rotations for the same output).

I recognize that if an in sim adjustment were made, or autopilot, it would essentially fight the pot position, whereas encoders are relative to their current position, but I think that should be up to the sim builder to decide.  I want a swipe of the trim wheel to be the same every time and consistent to the trim movement in the sim.

Would love to hear any to tips on encoders if there is a way to achieve the same thing. Thanks!
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Of course I recommend to use the encoder for trims.
To make it more "consistent" you should configure your encoder in the SimVim plugin menu: "Input Options"

And here is the video #4 -

PS. No need to use some sort of "precise"  encoders, any cheap encoder will work fine.
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Looking at the dataref as I turn the encoder, the steps for me are not 0.0025, it's 0.0013xx, where xx is variable with each detent (even when using DataRefTool plugin to control the trim input I get the same results). However, this is with the Laminar Cessna 172 REP version. With the standard 172, it's about 0.0022xx, where xx is variable (creating inconsistencies going up and down as it is rounding to 0.0021, 0.0022 or 0.0023). You can never go up one detent from 0, and then down one back to 0. It's always slightly more or slightly less than 0, and the more times you do it the worse it gets.

Is yours actually changing nicely by 0.0025? Or is there an aircraft setting somewhere that can be adjusted to achieve this?

P.S. I tried the Elevator_Trim_Pos (analog input), and it works great as I imagine it working, except just as you said the precision is a bit too large at 0.02. The nice thing is that is always moves by 0.02 up/down, so the movement is very predictable and repeatable. Would be nice to get 0.01 out of it.
An encoder is incremental input device, and it never used as absolute position control by its definition.

That doesn't really answer the question though... It can be incremental/not absolute and still move 0.0025 or some consistent number every time. I wouldn't expect the number to be changing so much with each detent relative to the previous. Why is one move 0.002x and the next move is 0.003x, for example. Are you saying that's just how they work and it will never be consistent?
It is the way it works in X-Plane, the +/- commands steps can be different for different  plane flight models.

I read here that we can change analog precision with a correction config file. I've searched all over the site and have not found a documented way to do so. Can you please provide some insight on this?

Would like to go from 0.02 to 0.01 on pitch/roll if possible.


Yes, you can use the p=xxx  flag.

xxx can be from 20 to 1000, but certainly, number more than 200 can be barely used.