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In configurator, we have the XPDR_TST but SimVim plugin (9.58) only accepts XPDR_TEST
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It's all correct,
pressing the button with this parameter you will see the test on your 7-segment display or LCD.

Why do you need this, what is the transponder model are you building?

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I said that because this:

I was trying to create "mode" text by configuring each annunciator as XPDR_Mode_Txt is printing only a "0".

D5 XPDR_STBY c=C1 o=0,0 t="$STBY"
D5 XPDR_ON c=C1 o=0,0 t="$ON"
D5 XPDR_ALT c=C1 o=0,0 t="$ALT"
D5 XPDR_GND c=C1 o=0,0 t="$GND"
D5 XPDR_TST c=C1 o=0,0 t="$TST"
D5 XPDR_Code c=C1 o=0,12

D5 XPDR_Squawk c=C1 o=1,0 t="$IDENT"

I'm building a generic XPDR.


You should not do it this way,

You need to use the "XPDR_Mode_Txt" (older)  or "XPDR_Msg"  (newer)  function for this text:

D5  XPDR_Msg

But it's currently  not functioning, we will fix it right now and it will work in next update  soon.

Also, why do you use c=C1 ?  - what is this for?
You don't need to  use old "conditions" for any radios.

OK. Changed to XPDR_Msg and waiting for update.

Really thanks! Amazing work.

Also, why do you use c=C1 ?  - what is this for?

I was "turning off" the Display_Texts when Avionic is off.

But, any radio displays should be turned off if Avionics off  (7-segment), without any conditions.

As for LCD, this way (that you use) you can only clear the display for this parameter, leaving the LCD turned On (backlight will be still lightened).

To turn an LCD off you need to use the  the pins # 18 - 21 (A4-A7) on the slave LCD board and wire one of them to specific LCD backlight. Later I will try to describe this on the website.

Yeah. Everything is working on.

I mean just the custom fixed texts I'm using as aesthetics.

I'll try the backlight someday.

Thanks again