Hello Vlad,

In Simvim 0.53, I was able to use a condition to display on the autopilot LCD the ALT or the Baro setting (pressing baro button). Since the upgrade to 0.58, this function is not working anymore. it always display the Baro setting.
Here are the 2 config lines of my LCD. S7.2 is a button used only to switch the display:

D20 AP_ALT_Cmd o=0,11 c=S7.2:0
D20 AP_ALT_Baro o=0,11 c=S7.2

What do I need to change to make it worked again ?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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1 Answer

Yes you need to use the new "Selector_" parameters.
It was described in the related post in the Patreon blog.

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Thanks Vlad. It works.