Hi Vlad,

I'm building my panel using a number of back-lit tac switches (tactile switch with a built in LED).  I was wanting to know if it might be possible to use the same LED to indicate a parameter by blinking?  I've read other threads where parameters such as AP_NAV_On can have a blink when armed value.  What is different about my request is that I would like the backlight to come on when the avionics are powered up.  I would normally tie the LED to Avionics_On to make the backlight work, but I'm looking for a way to change that LED to blink when a button is pushed.

My use case for this is mostly with the audio panel, where I have 8 tac switches for the audio inputs.  I'd like the back lights to come on with the avionics stack, and, for instance, for the COM1 LED to blink when Audio_COM1 is selected.  Let me know if you have any ideas how I might be able to make this work.


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