I know that the A320 layout maps for the A320 are still in prograss. I myself think that you are doing an amazing job with trying to make the usage of X-Plane 11 with Arduinos very simple! There are some things I noticed I wanted to talk with you about.

The first thing I wanna talk about is the fact that there are some push buttons (Korry) have LEDs which are not accessable with the layout map. For example i have no idea how to use the APU Master SW ON LED...

The second thing I noticed was that the A320 layout has a Seat Belt sign ON - OFF position switch. In the newer airbuses (like the FFA320) there also is an AUTO position. Without that there is no way for me to use that properly.

The last thing is that I am not able to use the switches and stuff from the ADIRS section... It simply doesn't work.

I hope you can help me out with some of those bugs!

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As you have mentioned by yourself,  this is a korry-type switch  with fixed ON position (not a momentary button).

Most of the "OFF" lights (white)  in the A320 overhead are simple the switch state, not system state. As the "Bleed_Air" in the layout map.  As well, the most of ON indication in the Boeing 747-400 are the " ON switch state".

I  recommend to use a korry switches, not emulate them with momentary buttons.
It's much easier to use, because you can use the second contact group of the switch for "position" LEDs (OFF or ON).

Thus, all lights they have are only serve to show that the switch is actually in ON state (switch position LED, not the "system state" indicator).

So, you don't need any datarefs for these LEDs, they are working directly from the switch contact group. I suppose it was not needed explanation, and you know about korry switches.

Here is an example (simplified)  how to make DIY korry switch using cheap push-button switch: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33028016476.html

The switch has two contact groups - one is used for LED power, another one  - for input signal. Here is an examples - description and connection:

By the way, even for switches with one contact group you can use the position LED: https://simvim.com/tips_sw_led.html

If you really want to get this ON signal from the simulator, wait until next update - it will be APU_ON parameter added
(take a look at the "Ignition/Start"  Layout map.)


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Hey Vlad,

thank you for your help and support. I know that the ON LED only is an LED for the switch indication and can be simulated by having a korry which automatically truna on the LED if needed. The problem I am facing here is that I am actually using original Airbus Panels (OEM parts) for my cockpit. So without any configurator which turns on the LED for me I can‘t use this. There are many korrys which support that feature but unfortunately not all of them do.

I would appreciate to have that in the next update!