GPS530 keys are connected to the mainboard through a multiplexer.

GPS1_Com_Flip is connected to the first input of the multiplexer and very often I have to hit the key several times before it works (though when I look at the input test of the plugin it is ok at each key stroke)

I thought it was a hardware problem so I tried to switch in the configurator GPS1_Com_Flip and GPS1_Nav_Flip but it doesn't change anything : it is always GPS1_Com_Flip that doesn't work correctly !

My conclusion is that my hardware is OK (?)
Otherwise everything works as it should.

Have I missed something ?

Jun 19 in Input Controls by

1 Answer

It's X-Plane command, if you click "Once" on this command in the DatarefTool, you'll see the same behaviour.
We will change this command to the "start/stop" functionality and it will available be in the next update, just wait.

Jun 19 by
Thanks a lot

I will wait !