I just recently purchased some more rotary encoders(Link at the bottom) They seem decent quality yet when I wire them in directly or on multiplexer, the value I'm trying to change only goes by one direction. I've tried using all of the different types of encoders in the plugin itself. 1 and 2 give me the results mentioned above, rotating in either direction but only one input in one direction. The 3'rd type of encoder doesn't work either. The third simply makes the value go up by a couple digits then back down no matter which way I rotate the encoder.

One of these days I'll run out of questions but until then you guys are my lifeline! 




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Please read the note on this page : "KY-040 - Breakout boards with encoder"


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Ok, so I’ll desolder the encoder and toss the pcb. I’m looking at your diagram and trying to figure out which pin goes to what then. Are A and B like the inputs with C as a ground, then the other 2 are power and the push button? Would I just be better off returning them and getting the correct kind?