Halllo, need support for the following problems with FF757 / 767.
I can not find a configuration for the switch LOC (localizer)

I also find no config for the following 7 seg display
ILS frequency and course for ILS
many thanks for your help

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2 Answers

1. There is no difference what aircraft you have. All parameters are universal for any plane, it doesn't matter if it is b737, or B58, and you don't need to stick with some specific the developer brand (as FF or others)..

2. LOC = NAV
So, the parameter for the button is AP_NAV

3. See in the AP layout map - "NAV/HSI course select display.
Frequency for ILS? It is NAV1 frequency.

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hello Vladsim,


The 757/767 is about the display located in the center console

I would like to show this ILS frequency and this course in 7seg display
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As for  ILS  is the NAV1 used (I suppose), find the Nav display in the generic radio layout map and assign Nav1 active  to 7-segment display.

For the course - See in the AP layout map - "NAV/HSI course select display and encoder.