Each time I open X-Plane (11.5) I am having to unplug my Arduino MEGA and plug it back in, then do the Hardware Reconnect step. Any idea why it may not be connecting automatically when the sim boots up?
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It can be if you have another device connected to USB (using virtual serial port), maybe having one of our previous version of ArdSimX-based implementation that is used by 3rd party product seller in this device..

And, it may be related to new "Vulcan" option in latest XP versions, if it is set as "enabled" in the XP menu.

You don't need to reconnect the board, just press the hardware reconnect (or assign this command to a keyboard key)
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The Mega board is connected to a USB hub, which has multiple USB devices hooked up to it. The board, along with other devices were hooked up to it before, but in different ports. I will see if I can sort of "refresh" the mappings for those.

I also have Vulcan running, so it sounds like maybe another possibility to test out.

When I just use hardware reconnect and don't unplug it first, it never reconnects.