Hi Vlad and Roman

Apologies as I know this has been asked before but please can we have analogue option back for elevator trim.  It works on a Bodnar Joystick board but as that is using the Xplane defaults, it does not work with the NHadrian mod of the C152.  He recommends your system so I rewired my sim to put my analogue trim pot onto your board but cannot get it to work despite trying all the work arounds in the tech tips etc..

I am using a 5 turn pot which is linked by a gear to the real trim wheel in my C152 fuselage.  The trim is 5 turns full down to full up so this works perfectly with the original wheel and mechanical indicator.  Using the joystick board it also works with the default c172 aircraft and the Justflight C152.

I tried using both Elevator_trim and Elevator_trim_Pos and although the board can see it and registers the input on the "analogue" input in the data table, once set, it then jumps around or worse slowly decays away to full nose down.  If I move the pot it jumps back to where I set it.

Voltages are stable to within 100th of a volt on the analoge input to the Arduino master board so its not that.

I have also tried grounding all the unused analogue inputs, use very short cables and tried an RC low pass filter to minimise any "noise"

I really want to use the nHadrian C152 but unless I can resolve the Elevator trim issue and use it with my 5 turn pot, I will have to abandon that and stay with the Other C 152 which works  but the flight model is far less accurate. I really do not want to change to an encoder as the mechanical indicator is then not going to function as intended.

Hope you can help and would be really grateful if you can resolve this one and give us the option for analogue trim again.

Thank you as always.

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Is this plane has the special "custom" dataref for the trim?

And - have you made the analog input calibration in the plugin (you should use the "Elevator_trim_Pos")?
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Hi Vlad

Apologies for the delayed reply.  No..... the NHadrian C152 uses the standard datarefs as far as I know but he does change the mapping to give an asymetric trim as the real 152 does.  On this subject there seems to be others with the same problem when using axis controls on joysticks and other home made analogue trims.  A LuaScript seems to work for them and I will be trying that next as that takes the standard dataref but can apply the mapping that the NHadrian 152 needs to get full trim up and down with a standard joystick axis assignment.  On another subject though, we have also lost the analogue axis for the 5 position engine start switch.  I upgraded the plugin to the latest version and opened the data cfg in the configurator to update the transponder mode text which now works again.....thank you......but then my start switch didnt work.  It was previously fine on A0 and I tried to calibrate but still no success and I notice the option is gone in the configurator in favour of rotary or binary coded switches.  Not a problem though as I needed to take it out and resolder a couple of connections that got pulled when I was getting another cable through the loom and I decided whilst it was out, to reconfigure it using a standard rotary switch and 5 inputs on a Mux that is close by.  It may make it more reliable and less prone to noise triggering it.  I guess that  is why you are moving away from analogue axes where possible.  

When upgrading the plugin, should I recaibrate gauges and axes or will it pick up the old calibrations and apply them.  If i have taken away and deleted anything "experimental" in the Data CFG via the configurator and saved the data file back to the plugin, will it also delete any remaining calibration info from the plugin for things that no longer apply.  I ask as I had some strange trim wheel actions even though I put my trim back on the joystick board.  I hadnt however deleted the analogue assignment in the configurator as I forgot to do that.  Once I did delete it I was still getting strange movement with the plugin fighting the joystick trim but it stopped when I restarted xplane. It seems OK now but I am interested to know the best way to do the upgrade so there are no artifacts that could conflict.

As always, much gratitude for the work you do on this.  My sim would not be possible without your system.

Best wishes from the UK.