How can I control the “avionics” virtual dimmer  with a real world dimmer configured as one of the brightness knobs.  I tried to tie brightness0 knob in the "inputs" plug-in but none of the options allow for the avionics dimmer.  I can’t find the dataref/control for the dimmer either to make it a custom control.  I would like to use the dimmer to control the virtual PFD/MFD since I use a 2nd and 3rd monitor to display those avionics.
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1. Assign one of the BRT#_Ctrl  as described:
That's all you need to control your hardware radio displays.

2. If you need to change the brightness  in the virtual cockpit screen, open the "Input Options" plugin menu, rotate the knob to see reaction.

Then select needed dataref (find out what standard "instrument_brightness" index controls needed instrument).

For the Laminar C172   it is standard  "instrument_brightness" with index 3  controls G1000 screens.


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