I'm looking for a few more parameters that I haven't been able to find in the data table yet.

The first is regarding the vertical speed commanded by the autopilot in 'VS' mode.  On the default C172, the STEC AP shows this in feet per minute where +05 would indicate a climb of 500 feet per minute.  I'd like to add this my LCD with the rest of my AP displays.  I think X-Plane calls this vertical_velocity.

The second parameter I am looking for is a way to select which COM radio is connected to the microphone, using a toggle switch.  I found Mic_Com1 and Mic_Com2, but those parameters use momentary buttons.


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1. "AP_VS_Cmd_10"  - is the parameter you need.

2. Yes, correct - it only the momentary buttons.
If you need it as switch (Com1-Com2)  just assign these two buttons , but connect the SPDT (ON-ON) switch.

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Thanks, Vlad.  That makes sense; I had not considered connecting a SPDT that way.