Plugin version 0.9.59 adds many new custom SimVim functions that handle different types of engine starters, ignition systems, fuel level indicators, and other engine controls. See this page for more information about them.

Other changes in this version:

- Fixed RMI_Pointer parameters not providing values in ADF mode.

- Combo radio device is now not affected by "source" settings of the standalone devices.

- Some fixes and improvements for XPDR device.

- All DME devices are switched into the mode appropriate for their type on connection.

- New compact representation of device startup variables in the config file. Older assignments will be automatically converted when you load them in the configurator.

- Fixed "Input Options" menu not having the "Save" button when setting Brightness Control associated dataref for an analog input.

- Fixed "Selector" assignments sometimes not working, depending on other device options present.

- Fixed parameter replacements for Reality Extension Pack not working.

- Fixed left/right magneto switches being inverted.

- Updated B737 parameters. Included replacements for Laminar B747.

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1) Some parameter names have been changed in new database, but don't worry, even if you leave the old names in your data.cfg file they should work anyway. The plugin replaces them with the currently used (but not in the cfg file!)

Once you upload your data.cfg to the configurator to edit it, the names will be automatically updated to the current ones.

2) You need to "re-assign" some parameters  it in the configurator layout map (you need at leas to click on the switch in the map), and then save the cfg file,  you should see new "Systems" entry in the [Startup] section of the file.

This variables define different systems type configured (including starter system type for different planes)

With this system now all assigned functions are intended to be working on any plane models, independetly on "custom" data in that  models.

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