I use an LCD display in my overhead panel.
This is powered by 5 V external power supply.

I want to turn it off when the battery switch is turned off.
I think you described this somewhere, but I can't find it anymore.

Can you help me? Where it is described.
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Hello Maarten,

If you use a SimVim_LCD slave board, you can see (in the configurator) that pins A5, A6, A7 are assigned as power lines:

A5 - Bus1 +Avionics power
A6 - Bus 1
A7 - Bus 2

You can use any of them  to control the LCD backlight power.

In the simplest case, if it is just one or two displays, you can directly connect this output, with several resistors in series, to the backlight line + V).

Now, when the BUS voltage drops, the brightness will become dimmer, and then completely turn off.
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Thank you for the answer Vlad!

I'm going to test it.