Hey, Vlad!

Sorry if this is a stupid question but... how can I test a led matrix? How can I know which connection light a precise led in the matrix?

I am about to build my first 52 channel matrix and I absolutely have no idea on how  to address al the leds. How are the led numbered? From 0 to 63? What is the logic behind it. Sorry, I can't figure it out.

How should I proceed to do it correctly?

Thanks in advance
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2 Answers

If you have a max7219 7-segment module, you can connect it as "LED matrix" to see how it works and test.
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See this thread for my efforts to map out SimVim indexes into matrix LEDs.  You should be aware that there appear to different versions of the MAX7219 matrix module out there, so use this only as a guide.  You will need to test out the particular module that you have to ensure the addressing matches up.



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