I downloaded the new version, THANK YOU for all of your hard work! Still no luck with the King Air electric trim switch, I have the switch (toggle) set to Elec_Trim_Mode (the only one I could find in the configurator), the input option window shows that it is functioning, and returns Elec_Trim_Mode, but the cockpit swtich does not turn on or off.

The 1000/100 switch for altitude works great! Thanks!

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All you need is to assign the "Elec_Trim"  parameter (as 3-position T switch (Up/off/Dn).
Works fine.

(the Elec_Trim_Mode is a switch to select modes - Auto off, All On, Manual off)

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Vlad, once again thank you for your hard work! Maybe I was not clear, the electric trim button I have been trying to get to work in the King Air is the pedestal button to power on the electric trim system, not "run" the trim in either direction, which is what Elec_Trim as a toggle does...
I jsut downloaded the latest version, did not see anything new that might be used for the King Air pedestal switch for the electric trim (on/off), is this something you may work on at some point?