The left and right engine start switch for the laminar king does not work with the latest upgrade. The configuration map for the toggle selects Start_Mode_1, it used to be Start_Sw_Eng1, neither of these will work. I tried both with a full reboot and restart between. Both of these show in the input config window either way. I reverted back to 9.58 and they work with Start_Sw_Eng1 as it did originally.
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It should work fine, if you assigned it in the configurator layout map (you need to at least click on that switch in the map),
after saving the cfg file you should see the "Systems" entry in the [Startup] section of the file.

These variables define different system types configured (including starter system type for different planes)

With this system now all assigned functions are intended to be working on any plane model, independently of "custom" data in those  models.
So, these switches work fine in Laminar C90, you just don't see the switches animation in your virtual panel.
Just try to shut down engines and then start them to see.

The "dry crank" is working too (lower switch position) - only starter working without ignition.

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Good morning Vlad

I followed you comments, something still amiss. With the switch set to off (middle position), the starters (and igniter) run. With the switch in the upper position (start) they stop, with the switch in the lower position, the starter (and igniters) run. If I take both wires off as soon as I turn on master power the engine triesto start.

Here is my startup section


Systems 5,5,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,0,2,0

And here is the switch section

T4.0 Start_Mode_1

T4.2 Start_Mode_2

Also noticed that the version on Patreon is 9.59b, but the Hardware connect page that pops up (in XPlane) says 9.59a
This switch should work (and it works) as intended in c90, if you wire it correctly.
(middle - off, lower - crank, upper - start)
I am not understanding, there is only one way to wire a center off switch?!? Switch center is grounded, one direction to the first pin on the MUX, the other direction to the second pin on the MUX. It worked before the upgrade. Also I swapped the wires. with that, down is off, center and up both starter and igniter run. I do not know what else to do?

Pin 0 ---- switch upper ----T4.0

Pin 1 ---- switch lower -----T4.1

ground--switch center

Is there some other way to wire a three way toggle?

With the switch in the center position, pin0 and pin1 both checked NOT grounded, as soon as power is turned on, the starter and igniter runs, if I remove both wires pin0 and pin1 checked NOT grounded, as soon as power is turned on the starter and igniter run.

A power off reboot of the Arduino seems to have "fixed" it???
No, it's not "reboot"
The plugin reboots the master board and  sends configuration to it on every "reload configuration" or aircraft load.