Hi All,
I'm building a generic panel, hoping I can use it on a Cessna, Hold my Beer SR22 and Zibo 737:

So far it has 9 encoders, 3 switches, 17 push buttons each with a 3mm LED, on a thin aluminium plate 150mm wide.

As a semi-retired software developer I could easily cope with:

#ifdef "Cessna 152"
....... definitions for G1000_1_Range etc.
#elseif "Zibo737
....... definitions for ND_Map_Range etc.

However I sense Vlad is trying to merge all those plane variants automatically. So can anyone tell me what is the "best practice" for a generic SimVim cockpit?


PS: I could not find a way to upload photos.
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You can use the "Selector_#" parameters to switch few encoders.
But this is just for a case if there is no options in the simvim functions (as the combo radio, etc)

So, please, simply create 2-3 different data.cfg files.
Later we can add the cfg selector to the plugin menu.

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Thank you for the reply. Custom data.cfg files for each plane is a good solution, if you need beta testing I can help.

One suggestion is to store the data.cfg file in the X-plane aircraft's folder. With a suitable hardware reload sequence, switching planes could become automatic for the plugin.

Alternatively, store the .cfg files in the plugin folder, append the aircraft name e.g. "data_cessna152.cfg" and try to open that, before opening the default data.cfg.