I am prototyping a generic panel for Cessna, SR22, Zibo and Airbus aircraft. The panel is aluminium 150mm x 265mm cut from a kitchen kickplate:

The mapping will be:
1st row  Kts/Mach toggle
2nd row  encoders for SPD, HDG, ALT,  V/S 
         4 green buttons for FD, AP1, AP2, ATHR  inspired by the Airbus 350
3rd row 4 buttons/LEDs for autopilot settings
4th row 8 buttons/LEDS for autopilot settings
5th row 5 encoders for Baro, Mins, Map Zoom, VOR, ?
6th row a mix of switches and buttons: Parking brake, Flaps Up/Down, Speedbrake Arm, Speedbrake Flt, Autobrake Max,
7th row Gear

I'm waiting for better LED holders to arrive and there is space for extra controls. I've given up building a scale model, the trend is touch screen with one or two encoders and a handful of buttons. Eventually X-Plane will support the touch screen Garmin and Jet interfaces

Costs: kickplate 10$, encoders $1.20, push-buttons 20 for 5$, switches 5 for 4$, knobs+leds I had them already. I have a Saitek radio, which does all the comms. Honeycombe yoke and Saitek throttles

I think I have planned for the essentials yes?

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You decide, what is "essentials" for your uni-panel.
As for assignments, you can simply make as many configurations ( .cfg files) as you need, keep them in one folder inside the SimVim plugin main folder - then, move one file to the main SimVim folder and fly (of courese no need to exit XP, just copy the file and load needed plane).
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