I am having problems with the Start_Eng1 parameter. It was working ok for me for many months and now all of sudden it is very buggy. The Off is going to Start and R going to Both, nothing else working.  I'm not sure if I broke something or if there has been a software update.

To verify the 5-pos switch and MP were working ok, I assigned each switch position to a light and had no issues, which leads me to believe my hardware is ok.

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Open you cfg file in the configurator, then click on the 5-position starter in the layout map (Ignition/Start button), assign and save again.
Everything works fine

Have you read this news:?- http://www.simvim.com/svc_eng_functions.html
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Thanks, I just realized that v0.9.59 is out and I was still running 0.9.58. Updated simvim and config file again. Everything is working now, thank you for the help once again!