Can I obtain the publish.txt file for the FlightFactor A320? I want to output the COM 1 radio panel for use with my 7 segment displays like I have in the Zibo however it doesn’t work properly with the A320 and I don’t have a publish.txt file in my data folder within the ffa320 directory.

Thanks for any help
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All SImVIm radio functions are intended to work independently from any aircraft model (as many other SimVim functions).
Of course if you make it as "hardware" (not looking at your virtual on-screen panel).

This software is developing to became eventually a "cockpit simulator", not just I/O interface, to build any cockpit without need to use specific aircraft model/developer (you only will need a good flight model, either freeware or not).

For example, you don't need a "zibo" mod , the default Laminar b737 is good for cockpit building, and zibo mostly has a few more "dummy" switches/annunciators.

Regarding specific FF questions - please use related topic (I will delete this one)



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