Looked before I asked.

Wondering about how to setup the basic autopilot for a C-172 for XPlane 11. Could you provide some clues and where to look for more guidance? Thanks.
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Just click the [Autopilot] button in the configurator layout map ant find all needed buttons, knobs and displays.
Start and try to see the result (depending what you really want to build).
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Excellent, thanks for the response. Like I said I am all working now so reinstalling worked for me, I guess that brought everything to the latest version. Thanks for the info about firmware, I only reinstalled as part of my troubleshooting. I need to put the electronics away for a while and get some flying hours in :-).

Can I just ask one unrelated question, the AP_Failure signal does not seem to match the 'Fail' on the X-Plane Cessna AP LCD. Is that a different signal?

Many thanks.

Try AP_Warning

Maybe I should swap these two param names by functionality....
Not AP_Warning. It never fails anyway :-)
I suspect that Laminar C172 uses the "AP_Trim_Failure"

Assign it, and use the AP annunciators test button (also assigned) to see.

I used the equipment failures to test, it doesn't seem to be AP_Trim_Failure either.

I'll keep looking.