It appears momentary push buttons "MPB" load up in the sim in the state they are in, such as closed or open, just as a switch would. I used "normally closed" push buttons for my audio panel, not realizing there was any difference for the sim and now when I start a flight all my audio panel lights are lit up (DME beeping at me). I was wondering if there is a setting to reverse the default position for a MPB (or switch). Would be great to have an "inversion" just like encoders wired backwards... Thanks!
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The momentary pushbutton should be normally opened of course.
Why did you think it can be NC?
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lol...I did not "think it can be NC" ... I just did not know better, now I do (we're not all electrical engineers building sims).  For the record, I did read this page, but there is a sentence that says "the push-button type can be either normally-open or normally-closed" and I think I interpreted that as it doesn't matter, but now I have a deeper understanding of the states and how the sim reads those. Some additional clarity on that page would be helpful for the future.  The funny thing is, I could have just as easily ordered NO without knowing and it would have worked.

If it's not possible to correct via software, then I will order new NO buttons and update the panel.

Thanks for always being so quick to respond to posts, it's very helpful.


But this is an obvious thing - as you can see, when you  have a  free (nothing connected) pin on the board or multiplexer - this is an “Open”  (inactive) state for the input.

To "activate" any input you should "close" it (to GND).

As I can see you was in my email box 2 years ago?


Thanks. I'll take that as a "fix the hardware"

Yea, I built a sim ~2-3 years ago on ArdSimX. I recently scrapped it and I'm building a brand new one, updating everything to SimVim -- definitely in some uncharted territory on a lot of things, but it has been relatively smooth. Here is a picture of the work in progress:


Thanks for the photo, as always glad to see such things made by hand.
Will you use the SimVim panel for C172?
I have been using AirManager. I will take a closer look at SimVim Panel and give it a try. I am interested in a MPH airspeed indicator as that’s what the 172 M model has, so if it has that I’m sold :).

There are quite a few bugs with AirManger depending on the versions of a plane (airfoillabs vs laminar, for example).

Edit: I took a quick look and it seems like the layouts are fixed. That won’t work for me since I came up with my own spacing and there are minor differences across a row due to the hole saw, say 1/8” up or down... the gauges would need to be individually placed.