Hi I have made an autopilot which is sort of working ok, but have an issue with the Altitude display.

It's a 7129, 8 character display, and it displays 3 zeros on the right hand side all the time... I've tried replacing the display, the encoder, the multiplexer, and even changing the config file to another display - the extra zeros follow the config. There's nothing fancy in the config such as extra characters to the right or left for that display. I also tried downgrading ot X.58 (from x.59) with the same result.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Pauly
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Possibly you test it in the default Laminar B737, there is small typo bug, will be fixed in next database file.
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Thanks for letting me know Vlad - I thought I was going mad.

Hi Vlad,

I have installed simvim 9.60 and unfortunately the problem still exists - There are two extra zeros that take the right hand two characters.



Oh and while you're in there Vlad,

There is an issue with default Laminar B737 Flight Director switch. 

When I flick the switch, it's state is not always projected in x-plane. This is consistent with this aircraft. If I select the 747, it works fine. Also simvim appears to be detecting the switch perfectly.

Is there anything I can do about it?