Is there a way to use toggle switches with a push-button switch behavior? For example, when I turn the toggle switch ON, I want the same behaviors as pushing and holding a push-button switch. When I turn the toggle switch off, then the behavior is releasing the push button switch. Is this possible?
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If you mean the "spring-loaded" switch It's not differ from momentary button. What is parameter you need to control?
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Correct. DA62 is a spring loaded push button switch to spray de-ice fluid to windshield. It is basically a button that you can press and hold to enable the spray, then if you let it go, the button pushes back (with the spring) and turns off.

So, I have a toggle switch that is spring loaded as well. I basically want to have the same behaviour. So far, what happens is that when I pull the toggle switch to on position, it sends the command to plane just one time rather than continually. Does this make sense?

As you can see, in the configurator the "Window_Fluid_Spray"  can be assigned only as button (or a spring-loaded switch).
And you should assign it as is,

As I said before, the "spring-loaded" switch  is no different  from momentary button. It's the same.
Button - is a switch too, just momentary switch.