Hello. The airplane "Lancair Legacy RG" has an engine monitor that has 5 buttons. There is no mapping exist for these already. I thought about assigning five buttons from the G1000 soft keys, then customizing them with the Custom Converter. However, when I load the data.cfg file to custom converter, it won't let me create a custom command for the G1000 soft keys. Again, this airplane does not have a G1000. I am just trying to map these buttons to something so I can convert them later. Is there a generic parameters that are just for conversions that I can map these buttons to?
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All parameters for engine monitoring  instruments will be added soon.
Also, SimVIm will include several pre-programmed engine monitor instruments, no need to have them in the "custom" planes.
(the same way as it's done for radio devices.)

Also, the fuel control instruments and parameters  - read here about "Fuel Totalizer": http://www.simvim.com/svc_eng_functions.html

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I totally appreciate you are trying to simplify this as much as possible for the broader audience with layouts and maps. That is awesome that you are doing that. Please keep in mind that you have folks who use your tool and they may be fairly good with custom configuration and like to have that flexibility. To be honest, one thing i liked about ArdSimX for that flexibility. Although I do not want o go back to that because I like SimVim much better. Sometimes I just want to be able to map a button or a switch to a generic command within SimVim and simply have a conversion and be done with it. I appreciate if you make that possible for those users.
It's not about simplification, it's about systematization.

At last, I have put the EMS control to the configurator back.
Actually they have been included long time ago to the parameter database, sorry I didn't take much attention on this part.

So, take a look at the configurator - see the [Engine Monitoring] button

We are going to make a set of engine management MFD and gauges for the SimVIm Panles.