In the 737, is there a way to control Main, Overheard and Pedestal cockpit back lighting via potentiometers?

(I mean the "inside the monitor" lighting)

I saw that there is control for dome light but I couldn't find anything about back lighting.

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For your "hardware" panels use the BRT#_Ctrl   parameters as described here:
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Yes, I know about the BRT_CTRL controls and that is ok to control my leds on the panel.

The function I was looking for was to control the back lighting of the software panel, not the hardware.

That is because I am not building and entire cockpit but only some parts of it and I require to control the software panel lighting with a potentiometer.

Is that possible?

I could not find anything on the configurator.

I managed to understand hot to do it with "input option".

The only thing I can't get is what parameter to assign and hot to do it

There are some options:




What do I have to do to assign, for example, Main Panel backlight brightness knob of the zibo 737 to a potenciometer?