Hi, I am beginning my 737 MCP build and having a problem getting my 2 pin Toggle switch to work with the FD & LED together. I have connected the toggle to my FD director and want the LED  (Ma) to light when the toggle switch is in the on position.  The closest I got was turning on the toggle switch to on position but LED would go off when the switch was on.  Not sure if I have to use a condition which I tried but had no success. Any help or diagram would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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Open the Autopilot image map -  [AUTOPILOT]  button  in the configurator: https://simvim.com/config.html

Find the FD switch - assign  to the switch
Find the FD ON LED - assign  to the LED

Find MA (1 and 2) - assign to the LEDs

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Thanks so much Vlad!!