So frustrating! I must be a malfunction magnet! I upgraded the latest XPlane AND the latest SimVim at the same time and one of them BROKE the King Air start sequence. The switches and starting of the King AIr has been working, my wiring IS correct...I do not know what else to do, or what would cause my implementation to not work.

As soon as I turn on master battery, both engine starters spool up with the starter switches in the center position. It will do this also if I totally REMOVE the wires from the MUX! THe only way to keep this from happening is to remove the reference in the data.cfg

Ever since the start sequences were combined for all aircraft I have had trouble with the King not know what it could be or what to check on my end. The input options popup shows the switches doing what they are supposed to,  that is Start_Mode_1 or 2...what is going on?

Thank You
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As it was described on update (for v 9.59 on Patreon blog), you need to upload your cfg file to the configurator, just click on the switch type you need (in the "Ignition/Start"section in the Layout Maps ), and save your file again.

The configurator will save the engine/aircraft  type based on the image map you select, and the starter will work correctly then (this is required by the new universal functions).

- Roman

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Thanks Roman, Using the engine image map and NOT the KingAir map did the trick...the KingAir image map that shows the KingAir panels incorrectly assigns the starter/engine was not clear when the upgrade says use the image map, I was using the KingAir image map, I always follow directions! ;-)

Thanks for clearing this up

Leslie guys do great work and it is well appreaciated!
OK, I will correct the C90 map,..
Although I have done this before, just noticed a small error - if you assign the eng2 after the eng1 it was incorrect aircraft type assigned.
I assume the second to the last digit is the engine type, once I used the ignition map it changed the 2 to a 1 and started working.

Also, I added aileron trim from the map and it did not include the startup header, luckily I have the header saved!

Thanks Vlad