This might not be a simvim thing, but I cannot solve it on my own. I am building a generic simpit based on the default baron. I cannot get the gps or radios to illuminate although the dataref says the power is on. If I go to the default c172 initially I see the same thing except I can rotate the brightness knob and everything seems to be ok. The baron has brightness knobs, but I don't see the datarefs responding the same way  the c172 does. I have appended the configurator to include master switch and cross-tie together and avionics on and gps power on using a second switch. Any suggestions please.
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First, assign one of the BRT#_Ctrl  as described:
That's all you need to control your hardware radio displays.

If you need to change the brightness  in the virtual cockpit screen, open the "Input Options" plugin menu, rotate the knob to see reaction.
Then select needed dataref.

For the Laminar B58 it is standard "instrument_brightness" with index 5.

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