I wanted to display my 737 zibo speed using the TM1637. But the last digit is not shown. for example, the speed is 255 and on the TM1637 is shown
XX25( X means not lit) and when using MACH, it would display XXX.3

I've already tried using negative and positive offsets but nothing changes. The board works perfectly when used to show Course and heading.

I know I could use a MAX7219 but it would be a waste not to use the other four segments.

Any help is appreciated.
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This b737 display function is made for 6-digit display initially (to show the Mach readouts positioned on the left side of the screen). We were going to implement this in a future release, but we're not sure if it works that way in a real MCP, not in the sim plane (can you confirm this?)
If it is not needed, we can reduce the display size to 4.

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Oh, that explains it.

Can't wait for the next releases!

Thanks Vlad for answering and will definitely donate!
Hello.  I had the same problem using TM1637.   Last week I for some reason tried higher offsets.  No 7  works perfect for me. Don't know why??  Could give this a try.


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It works! what the heck!? Well, 7 is a lucky number right?

Thank you very much for fast answer. Now I can finally commence my MCP.