I downloaded and installed SimVim panel on my Windows 10 64 bit. Whenever I try to start it it locks up the PC...have tried many things including running as administrator? Will the panel system run on 64bit WIndows?

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The program is compiled for Windows as a 32-bit exe, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work on a 64-bit system. We've tested it on several Windows systems, and it worked without problem every time (clean 64-bit Windows 10 included).

I could compile it as a 64-bit exe too, it was just never necessary so far.

- Roman
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Thanks Roman...

Is there a log or other file I can use to trouble shoot? I have run it as administrator, I have run it in compatibility mode, I have used the windows troubleshooter and it's recommended settings, nothing seems to be working. It locks the machine up immediately.

I can run the panel on windows 10 64bits without any problem, but it crash when I tried to open on windows 7.

Is it compatible with w7 and w xp ?

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I have the same problem with Windows10 64bits. Did you solve it?
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No, I gave up...
I tried a lot of configurations to run all 32bit programs on 64bits, I read to a lot of info about OpenGL, but I can’t fix it. When I open the .exe filé the screen locks up

OK, I've made a 64-bit version of the program for Windows, and it's now available as a separate download.

For me, both versions work when tested on a 64-bit Windows 10.

- Roman

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Thank you for your time and availability Roman.

Now, I can open the .exe file without problem and the screen don't locks up, but all the image is black. I really don't know what is happening :(

Create a "settings.ini" file in the program's folder, if it wasn't already created, and add the line "Debug = 1" there. Launch the program. Then exit, and see the "debug.txt" file created in the same folder. It may be an issue with screen size detection.

- Roman

[SimVimPanel Debug]

Auto-detected display size: 344 x 193 mm

Using display width: 344mm, height: 193 mm, Resolution: 1366x768

Scaling factor: 0.72044 x 0.72044

Is there any error?