Hello All,
Is there an acceleration function that can be added to detect the rate I am spinning an encoder? I like increments of 100ft, but its a lot of spinning to go from 10000 to 30000.

Did I overlook a way to get a momentary switch to latch in software? So when I press it once, it latches a '1' and then unlatches to a '0' when I press it a second time.

Addition to above:
Selecting the "+" option with a type 1 encoder works great!

About the second question, I am trying to use the encoders push button to alternate between heading select and wing leveler mode  (SEL switch):
Push first time,  1-sim/AP/hdgConfButton = 1, Push it again 1-sim/AP/hdgConfButton = 0  and so on

I am going over the instructions you gave in the multimode encoder thread. As of yet, I have not been able to get it to work per those instructions. 


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1) Using the "+" option when assigning an encoder function, you  make the parameter to change to a greater  increment value that increases proportionally to  the rotary knob rotating acceleration (from single step to series). Without "+" the step increment is constant, does not depend on rotation acceleration.

In the video on the "Video Guides" page you can see the demonstration for AP Altitude. You can see when encoder rotates steady it increments 100ft, and when accelerated 1000+ ft.

Always try it first using as default, not converted to custom.
As for encoder types - read the tech page again (it was edited) - http://simvim.com/tech_encoder.html - about detents and signal phase.

The type 3 is not very good for this (personally, I even have not seen such encoder, most of them are 1 or 2)

2) Don't get what do you mean. It'a about "Mode Switch" for multy-mode encoder, etc. Or you mean some specific input function in your plane (toggle command)?


Regarding your second question (HDG SEL button):

In you case, it's simply  one "toggle" parameter, you don't need to do something with "mode" - mode button is used to switch  input or display  between two or more different modes, not for changing some data.

For Heading SEL switch use the parameter AP_HDG_SEL added recently to the configurator table (see in the in the "AP/MCP/FCU" tab.)

Then (as it needs customization) - open the "Input conversion " in the plugin and select your plane custom command/dataref for this button. 

In your 757 plane it is 1-sim/AP/hdgConfButton

That's all.

Note: You need to download new version 0.9.36. (on Patreon, as usual, uploaded for  patrons only to test for few days)

Replace all SimVim folder (only save your data.cfg file) and upload firmware.