I have created a simvim_737IXEG.dat file to the community.

Many datarefs are default in 737 by IXEG but not the taxi light. So I made one for that. Since I am new at this, I haven't gone through the whole cockpit yet of IXEG. However I'd like to share the first item.
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I see all mappings that people are making in the individual converter, and see that ixeg has appeared (two conversions - one with taxi light only, another file with 6 Tank Pumps parameters - is it also yours?)

But I will add it to the community:
1. when more  users will be willing to use it
2. or when I will see more people used individual converter for it
3. or  when the number of parameters will be enough (even if a few people used it)
4. all parameter names are fully relevant to the assigned functions.

Then I'll move the conversion (or combine it from several conversions) to the community converter.
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Ah I see, and understand. Sounds logical.

Yes both are mine, the pumps were unnecessarily as they work by default.

This is IXEG 737

Hello guys, this is Sebastian from Buenos Aires. I will follow this thread because I already did the electronic and the plastic model for the IXEG 733 FMC. It seems like the custom FMC buttons don`t work and need custom parameters. I´d like to learn how to fill the correct structure for the custom dataref and trying to help to make it bigger. Regards.


I already found the way to change the parameters using the converter for custom aircraft but it is not working yet. I moved the simvim_B733_IXEG.dat file into the plugin SIMVIM folder. Is that ok?

Hi Sebastian,

conversion (*.dat) file must be placed in the folder of the aircraft it is used for - the same folder where the aircraft's "*.acf" file is located.

See also: https://www.simvim.com/simcom/index.php/2532/custom-aircraft-data-conversion

greets Bernie