Hello, I am trying to make a servo work for the 737 starter return (trying to implement this idea http://simvim.com/tips_starter.html ).

My servo works just fine for other tasks, e.g APU, so my connections seems to be fine.

My servo is connected as per this page http://simvim.com/svc_servo.html with an external power of 7V (plugged at arduino uno which is aslave board to an arduino mega).

I set, within XP11 as minimum value the 0 and as maximum value 1. I switch the ignition knob which it auto returns but servo stands still.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Make sure you use the "Start_Mode_1"  and  "Start_Mode_2"  for the starter switches (not deprecated  "Ign_Start_Eng1"...
And upload your cfg file to the converter, select relevant starter switches (and save the file) to set correct aircraft ignition system type.

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Thanks a lot, it worked. I had to assign a switch as Start_Mode_x. I was trying to make the servo to work without a physical switch. I was turning the start switch from within x-plane with my mouse.