I have 2 7segment displays MAX7219 for using with radio.
In the configurator I choose 6digit and active/standby frequency. In the displays I only get 5 digits.

In the data.cfg I have:
N4.0 Com1_Active
N4.1 Com1_Standby

In older releases (very old) I remember that 6 digit had a different code. I'm using 0.9.59b and corresponding firmware.

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You should always use ONLY the latest version. Current is 0.9.60.
Load you (old?) data.cfg file to the configurator, select 6-digits (button on the image-map) and save again.
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Upgraded to latest version.

Started a new configurator, to test this, and a few buttons and leds.

On the configurator choose com/nav #1, Generic_KX155, 6 digitis, and then active frequency.

Saved and tested. All the same, the data.cfg still shows the same information.


Some device-specific settings, such as COM display length, are saved in the configuration globally (the "Systems" line), instead of for a specific display.

Make sure you  clicked the  the [6 digits] button and received confirm message ( ! Com display size has been changed ! ).

I've just tested it, and the COM size is saved fine.

- Roman

Hi Roman,

Started from scratch using only two 7seg display, and it works.

I can see in the systems line of the data.cfg file, the 6 digits setup.

I tried with the configurator to duplicate the problem, but was unsuccessful, so I assume it's a user problem :)