So I have been trying to figure it out why my cockpit is failing with power bus. I thought it maybe was 737 Zibo so tried different versions and still the same issue. Seems to be working fine with default xplane aircraft. Issue is only with latest SimVim update, previous B version works fine.

Basically I get Source OFF and GEN OFF BUS light up and BAT DISCHARGE. It's a bit random as once I managed to take off, lights dissapeared then half way thorugh the flight zibo went crazy with flashing electrics and whole my cockpit going dark. I thought it's maybe my wiring but it seems to work with previous version of simvim so not sure what the problem is.

Is there a place to report bugs?

closed with the note: Working after overwriting data file with updated starter switches...
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No, nothing been changed "specifically" in the electric, except new starter/ignition system.
check your cfg file - maybe you have some assigned parameter, but not used (not connected).

As it was described on update (for v 9.59 on Patreon blog), you need to upload your cfg file to the configurator, just click on the switch type you need (in the "Ignition/Start"section in the Layout Maps ), and save your file again.

The configurator will save the engine/aircraft  type based on the image map you select, and the starter will work correctly then (this is required by the new universal functions).

For B737 you should have the ignition type 3, assigned in the Systems [16] - in the header of the data.cfg file you can see the Systems line position 16 (started with 0).

Else, when you switch to CONT, etc, it can be another mode for igniters.

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