Hello Vlad,

I have a strange problem with output multiplexing. I know that I had it working some weeks ago with a MAX7219 7-segment module configured for COM1 Standby display.

Now I'm having simvim cockpit 9.60 and it just don't work.I checked for the signals that I expected to be on the D,L,SIG pins and I foung out that there arn no CLK pulses on the SIG pin (pin 26) for output. I checked with nothing connected direct at the ATmega pins. Everything is there as it should be but no pulses in pin 26.

I used the blink sketch for testing the ATmege pins and they all worked.

Any ideas about that problem and of cause again for thank you for providing us such a well designed software package.


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Hi Bernhard,

The firmware hasn't changed since December 2019  (and you don't need to upload it to the Mega, unless it has been updated). The plugin simply sends the formatted data to the board, and if there is no output, that means the board has not received data to display.
So, you don't need to “check the signals” on your board, you can be sure the outputs are working  as long as the Mega received correct data from the plugin  (if it is not damaged physically of course).

You need to check your configuration and wiring. Remember what you have changed earlier in your config (before new update)

What was your last version of the plugin before the update? You probably just need to load the cfg file into the configurator and save it again.

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In addition:
What I tried to explain above that if there is no data on the display, it is not because there are no output pulses, but because no data is being received for output.

For example, it could be some internal plugin condition and configuration options- low bus voltage, power off, etc.
Hi, Vlad,

thank you for your answer. It is like most the time, the problen sits in front of the computer.

I did something wrong in the configuration. Of cause it's working correct.