Hi Vlad,

With version 60 and 61, AP_VNAV no longer works.


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It is the same, as always been. Nothing has been changed for VNAV.
Is this for CL300? It uses standard  commands for vnav.

But I have brought this setting to match its different types in XP11.

To see, open the [AUTOPILOT]  map and find the AP_VNAV_FMS (for aircraft with autothrottle):

But, it's not convenient, and this is a "temporary" option,  I think I will remove this vnav_fms and
later the plugin will automatically assign needed commands depending on the plane and autopilot type.


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That did work. Previously I was using AP_VNAV and it did work. One more, Radio_ADF2_Sel does not light when selected. I reversed ADF1 and ADF2 just to make sure I had a good led and it is good. Radio_ADF1_Sel does work.
I don't see why Radio_ADF2_Sel doesn't work for you,
But, to be sure I have connected it and tested - no problem, works fne.