B737-800X Zibo  - currently using.SimVim 0.9.61

I have tried putting this range in the Custom configurator but still not working


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Since v.60 this parameter is controlled by  SimVim  function, and should work as it  works in real plane.
First, the SB system can not be armed on ground and  actuated when the plane descending.
You should not use the "conversion".

Of course it's related to real LED connected to SimVIm board and used for the Speedbrake Motor correct work.

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Thanks for the quick response Vlad.

Yes I understand that the speedbrake cannot function on the ground but the annunciator does not illumunate when the Annunciator Test switch is operated. It worked fine in 0.9.59b

(for some reason the first part of my message where I gave some information is missing in the original post?)



"..does not illumunate when the Annunciator Test switch is operated..."

So, you checked it only with test switch?

It's because when test pressed for zibo it set  the related zibo dataref to 1, not affecting SimVim dataref.
But it really works as you arm the SB.

The final goal is to make all systems work independently on the specific custom plane model as we did for many other systems already (so you don't need to "remap" them to the custom commands).

A bit later we will add the "test-ready" attribute for every assigned LED, as default it will be linked with "Test all annunciators", but also  can be related to other "test" buttons (or not at all).

.."(for some reason..."
Yes, I know what for and  which datarefs in b737 are used.  :)


I understand now Vlad, thank you

"...So, you checked it only with test switch?..." - yes, this had worked before and I didn't fly at the time so I didn't check when airborne. My mistake, I should have smiley