I know the game hasn't even been released but, is there any plans or thoughts to integrate simvim in MFS2020? Thank you
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-------- Yes. some preliminary plans ....
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After reading this, I am wondering if you ever tried MSFS. I couldn't disagree with you more.

It was strange question....

Of course, my first FS was MSFS5 (I'm 61 years old and I started in MS DOS system) and then I had every version, thousand of downloaded addons, planes and scenarios, I made textures, I built high resolution gauges and panels for FS, I spend  years on it and I liked it (until XPlane, after it FS planes fly like toys.).

(but in any case we will be working on the FS version of SimVim).

You are speaking of old MSFS. I mean MSFS2020! Did you ever try that? Because what you said is not true. MSFS2020's flight model and air simulation is much beter than XPlane 11.  Your opinion must only be based on YouTube video's showing a 3rd person view of the plane, I guess. I'm never going back to XPlane again, and with me, I think hundreds of flight simmers.

Still not much difference from FSX. Every plane has the same plain text file with  flight dynamics description, although they promise that the "rails" are gone, they added  the atmosphere modelling over the aircraft (as in XP), so will see.... 

But XP11(12)  can easily update its atmosphere further and better I'm sure. So in this competition we will see how XPlane model will be better again.

Regarding XPlane, of course not, I suppose even more people will use X-Plane, especially Linux (like me) and MAC users.
And most Windows simmers will fly BOTH simulators.

And yes, I think X-Plane has much potential (don't you think the Laminar will not give up?), but someday they both will become the same, identical in terms of flight (the good picture is not a problem - it's a computer power problem)


MSFS models wind flow over hills and mountains, creating up/down drafts and turbulence. A real A320 pilot said even the professional simulator that he uses at work does not model that level of detail.

The plane aerodynamics can improve, also MSFS has a very bold and and advanced design. The current problem is that it was released early and they under estimated the number of hardcore simmers using it. Possibly the plan for an XBox game version distorted reality.

With a large team of developers,, they can overtake XPlane.