I know the game hasn't even been released but, is there any plans or thoughts to integrate simvim in MFS2020? Thank you
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-------- Yes.-----------
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I strongly encourage you guys to do this! You all will be the only ones that support multiplexers. Mobiflight does not support them and that’s so important for folk like us who built our cockpits around your great programs. There is a huge hole in the home cockpit programs for MSFS and you guys could step in. I really hope you guys do move forward with this project and really think it’s perfect for ya’ll. Would love it if you guys could talk us through your progress. If you put your progress of the implication to MSFS on this website or email I think people would eat that up! Thanks so much!
Yes MSFS made flightsimming popular again. Joysticks, yokes, throttle columns, etc are being sold like crazy.

For me the X-Plane "made flightsimming popular again"  (but it's my view from the past experience with FS). :)
I guess it shouldn't depend on the sim.

Having MSFS2020 support would be fantastic.

I'd like to offer my services to getting a plugin up and running if that's possible.

Sadly though after playing around with the MSFS API for a few days, I think there's loads of missing functionality at the moment. Particularly around controlling GPS units, it looks like a lot of key/button events are not responding or being ignored by MSFS.

Hopefully it won't take too long for Microsoft to flesh out the API.
Vlad, do you have an ETA for a beta release for SimVim for MSFS2020?