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Help me with the answer, I have the MEGA master connected on tx1, rx1,  UNO as a servo,  tx2,  UNO as a stepper and on tx3  UNOas an LCD, this works fine. My question is, I am going to replace my button panel, and I must make a "key Matrix" that tells me to connect it to TX2, which is already busy, I should put a mega in TXO / RXO, to use it as a slave and in that connect to TX2 of the slave the Key Matrix.

** My button panel works perfectly, if I disconnect it and when everything is loaded it recognizes it, and does not conflict, otherwise it conflicts; it is based on a Nano Card direct to USB.

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Please read again carefully the note below the diagram on this page: https://simvim.com/svc_matrix.html

P.S. You can not use the port #0 because it's used by USB.

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